Dental Bridges in Thornton, CO

A bridge or dental implants are necessary for individuals who are missing teeth, as missing teeth can cause a slew of oral health problems and lead to shifting of the teeth, change in bite, speech impediments, gum disease, and even TMJ problems.

A dental bridge is typically a permanent restoration that will allow you to eat and speak comfortably, and smile with confidence. Our dentists will recommend the best type of bridge and material for you based on your oral health, aesthetic goals, lifestyle and other factors.

Using a Dental Bridge to Restore Your Teeth

Prior to receiving your dental bridge, we will closely examine your mouth and recommend the best type of dental bridge. Dental bridges can be fabricated using a combination of porcelain and metal, porcelain and gold, or other durable, metal-free materials.

A dental bridge is comprised of one or more false teeth called pontics, which are connected by retainers. The retainers sit on the abutment teeth, the natural teeth that support the dental bridge on either side.

After taking X-rays and impressions of the treatment area, the surrounding teeth are prepared to support the bridge. The impressions are taken for the lab technician to fabricate the restoration. A temporary bridge is placed in the mouth while the permanent bridge is being fabricated. Once the fabrication is completed, you will return to have the permanent bridge fitted and cemented.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth and feel that a dental bridge may be an option of you, please give us a call. We would be happy to go over any information and look forward to seeing you in our office!

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