Taking The Kids To Mid Air Adventures In Thornton, CO

As parents, in the modern technological age, it can be challenging to convince the kids to leave their screens for any considerable amount of time. The exception to this is when we happen to find an impressive, exciting experience for the entire family to enjoy together.

Activities which include jumping, climbing, or running around in wide open spaces usually do the trick to grab the kid’s attention, but where can you find a place that offers all of that for the kids but still keeps you entertained and without worry?

Have no fear, because we have found the most wonderful family-friendly experience in Thornton, CO, and we can’t wait to share it with you! If you are a native to the area or traveling there for a family vacation, then you must consider stopping in at the Mid Air Adventures park in Thornton.

Mid Air Adventures is a massive 12,000 square-foot facility with tons of activities for the entire family to enjoy right next to The Dental Center at Thornton Plaza. There are huge swings, zip lines, a 20-foot tall rock climbing wall, rope bridges, slides, and even an area where you can let your toddlers play out of harm’s way.

Don’t worry about your children getting hurt while on the property, because every participant is fashioned with their own harness and given detailed safety instructions by professionally trained staff members. The best part is, if you want to sit back and watch your children have a good time with friends and snap pictures, the staff will attend to the kid’s and make sure they are having a blast while staying safe within your sight.

However, if you are the sort of parent that enjoys getting in on all the fun the kids are having, then feel free to suit up and race them across the zip lines or try your luck on the climbing wall!

Each and every attraction, aside from the toddler area, of course, is available to participants of all ages, so no matter who your group consists of, they are more than welcome to strap on a harness and release their inner child!

The more friends and family that you can gather together to join you at Mid Air Adventures, the more exciting and entertaining your visit will be. So, if you are hosting a family reunion, school trip, or a birthday party for your child, Mid Air Adventures is the best place to go to keep everyone entertained.

Because the facility is so large, they can comfortably accommodate any size group; and keep in mind, all of the activities can also be enjoyed by adults, so it is not unlikely for Mid Air Adventures to host large corporate parties as well. However, we must say, it’s far more fun to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they glide across a zip line, or brave the massive climbing wall. There’s just nothing quite like the giggle and excited hollering of children on a family outing! Afterward, take the family to the Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center.

Though Mid Air Adventures does do some large parties for adults, the facility is most popular with families with varying ages of children. So, the next time there is a dull, perhaps rainy day at home, load up the car and head over to Mid Air Adventures to energize and entertain the kiddos.