Has this ever happened to you? You wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, start brushing your teeth and you notice that there’s a bit of blood on your toothbrush or in the sink after you spit. It may not be alarming to see your gums bleeding but if it’s constantly happening then something needs to be done about it. Your guns can bleed for a variety of reasons, it can be because you changed your brushing routine, it can be because of pregnancy, or it can be because you don’t properly take care of your teeth. There’s also other other reasons and it’s important to get to the bottom of the issue and why this is happening. Here are a few ways you can stop your gums from bleeding and how to care for them better.

Brush your teeth more often.

A common reason why gums bleed is because you aren’t taking care of your mouth properly. When tartar or dental calculus starts to form, the bacterial build up eventually leads to gingivitis, cavity or tooth decay. It’s also important to floss everyday and brush your teeth twice a day. Another reason why your gums may be bleeding is because you are brushing too hard or the tooth brush you are using may be too rough. Try getting a soft bristle toothbrush and don’t be too rough on yourself.

Make changes to your diet.

Having a healthy diet fulled with whole foods such as fruits, nuts and vegetables can do wonders to your body, including improving the health your gums. Your gums need nutritional food in order for them to fight against plaque and other other harmful bacteria. If you are constantly eating junk food, refined breads, drinking sugary drinks and soda pop your teeth are going to suffer and won’t be able to sustain a healthy balance of bacteria. It’s highly suggested that you should increase the amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium and Magnesium in your diet. Hopefully this will erase all your issues.

Do not share personal items with people who you think are sick or possibly have bleeding gums.

Unfortunately bleeding gums and gun disease are easily passed on. If you’re partner has cavities, or dental issues then they will most likely pass on these problems with you. Don’t share anything that comes in contact with the mouth. This includes toothbrushes or glasses.

Take a quick visit to your local dentist.

Visiting your local dentist to clean and examine your teeth every six months can help prevent or at least slow down the process of developing anything nasty. If you haven’t gone to the dentist in a while and you see blood on your toothbrush then it’s time to get your mouth looked at. The sooner you get checked out, the faster you can get treatment.

Stop smoking!

Look, we all know that it isn’t easy to stop smoking and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you continue to smoke your risk getting heart disease, cancer, heart failure and even fatty liver. Smoking also will increase your chances of catching gum disease. Also, chewing tobacco can block the proper nutrition from getting to your gums. If you want to have a healthier, happier life then it’s highly suggested that you make the pledge to quit smoking!

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