A lot of people across the world suffer from extreme tooth decay, have missing teeth, bite issues, bite misalignments or they just feel insecure about their smile in general. it’s common for people with extreme damage to their mouth to get a full month restoration due to the complexity of their dental problems. A lot of things can cause a person to have structural damage to their teeth, it could be because of lack of care for their mouth, extreme injuries or their health dropped dramatically. Regardless of how extreme the damage is, you can find a dentist that can develop your own individual treatment plan that will bring back your beautiful smile and reverse the damage done to your mouth.

Here is a list of four things you must know about full mouth restorations.

  1. There’s a variety of different procedures your dentist can use.

This treatment plan isn’t called full mouth restoration for nothing! When your doctor chooses a dental product for you, he or she will give their suggestions on what they think is best for you. You can choose dental products such as….

Single teeth implants – These small little implants replace missing teeth. They look, feel, function, and are structured just like a real humen tooth! Plus these guys don’t even get cavities but they might have to be replaced or examined every once in a while.

Dental crowns – These are commonly used after root canal treatments. They can be used to restore, strengthen and give structure to badly damaged teeth.

All-on-4- These are used on patients who have severe damage done to their mouth, with these special implants one or more arches can be completely replaced. These have their advantages when it comes to removable dentures.

Invisalign – These are a lot like braces, the only difference is you can wear them, take them off whenever you want and they look completely invisible whenever you put them on. A lot of people dread looking docky and nerdy with traditional braces so they turn to Invisalign.

  1. It’s very costly.

In the United States of America, the average cost of a single implant is over two thousand dollars, the full cost of full mouth restoration can be over 45 thousand dollars. While insurance does cover some of the costs, you might have to pay at least half out of pocket. You could get donations from friends, families and strangers but some people might not be so lucky.

  1. Your Dentist or Doctor will have to do a lot of tests of your jawbone.

Before your doctor starts the restoration process, they perform an evaluation of the patients dental records. The dental assistant takes pictures of the lower and upper jaw, does impressions and takes s few X-rays. Then the dentist will create a customized plan and talk to the patient about what they think of the plan. They will go over risks, positives and recommend what is best for you to do.

  1. You don’t get started right away with treatment.

The process of starting full mouth restoration is a lengthy one. When you do start, you get your procedures done in small segments. The doctor needs to make sure everything goes as planned, the implants or procedures fit comfortably in your mouth and make sure you are properly caring for your mouth as treatment goes on.

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