All about the Thornton Veterans Memorial

While the horrific events of September 11, 2001 affected the entire country, the residents of Thornton, Colorado took matters into their own hands so that no one – people who lived there,as well as people who visited – would ever forget. The Thornton Veterans Memorial was created and can be found in the Trail Winds Park at 5310 E. 136th Avenue. The memorial was meant to honor veterans everywhere who were and are protecting our country and devoting their lives to ensure our safety. The memorial is near The Dental Center .

The memorial began with a program that took paver bricks and let those who wanted to participate in this project the chance to purchase the bricks and dedicate them to a loved one. The cost of the bricks ranges from $100 to $125.

The dedication can run from three or four lines of copy and you can even have a logo of a flag added at no extra cost. In addition, you can specify the location of the brick you would like to personalize and those in charge will grant your wish if it is available.

The park consists of five areas that each represent one of the branches of our military. You can request to purchase a brick paver in the service area where your loved one was a member: Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, or Marines.

Originally a place for reflection, prayers, and gratitude, the memorial has expanded to include an obelisk along with memorial benches that are engraved with all of the branches that make up our military. Along with the name of the branch is the motto based on each service.

A sculptor from Thornton created a breathtaking statue and dedicated it to the Veterans Memorial. At just about four feet tall, Grace is an angel with an ample wingspan in order to show that those who have lost their lives saving and protecting ours are finally free. Additional imagery includes a dove who is carrying a set of dog tags, the traditional identification of all service personnel.

This impressive work of art, completely donated by artist Christopher Romero, costs close to $17,000. The bronze fixture is much appreciated by the residents of this fine city and they are honored to have Grace call their city home.

Another phase of the memorial serves as an informational area to educate visitors as to the history of what our country has gone through and the part that our veterans played in it. There are sections with each branch of the military hosting its own part in the history of the nation.

The Veteran’s Memorial Aquatic Center is host to an impressive pool of Olympic proportions including its 50-meter size filled with 765.000 gallons of water. The center is right next to the memorial and is home to an area that has a special memorial that is a tribute to graduates from Adams 12 Five Star Schools who perished while serving their country. The fully equipped Aquatic Center near the Thorncreek Golfcourse is open to the public based on availability on the listed schedule.