Having a beautiful smile has just as much to do with your health as it does to do with your looks. It’s no secret that people who have a mouthful of teeth that are discolored and need attention usually do everything they can to cover their mouth when they speak. They rarely smile and if the problems they have with their teeth go unattended, it could cause even more serious repercussions.

Having a good family dentist is one of the gateways to getting your smile back on track. There are many issues though, that prevent people from going to the dentist and having the much-needed work done that they need.

Going to a dentist can be painful, expensive, and require many appointments to complete the necessary procedures. The good news is, while taking care of your teeth may seem like a daunting task, it is well worth the time, money and effort

Things to Look for in a Good Family Dentist


A good dentist will know how hard it may have been for you to make an appointment with a mouth full of broken, decayed, or even missing teeth. When you make your first appointment you will know if you have found a good dentist because he or she will put you at ease, make you feel like your situation can be corrected, and will assure you that you will have your pearly whites back in no time.

A Gentle Demeanor

Whenever a dentist has to begin just about any procedure, numbing procedures have to be administered. Usually, a numbing cream will start the process but that is just to get you ready for the novacaine that will prevent you from feeling any pain. A good dentist always makes sure that your mouth is completely numb so he can fix your teeth without you feeling a thing. Most will tell you to raise your hand if you do feel any pain so they can apply additional anesthetics.

Payment Options

Dentistry is expensive, but the longer you put off going to a dentist, the worse your situation may become. You could very well end up paying more later by putting off what you could have done now. There are companies that offer specific lines of credit that are available to people who may need extensive work done and cannot afford to pay for it upfront. Many dental offices let you sign up right in their office so if you qualify, you can begin your dental work right away. Some dental offices also offer a financing program themselves so you can set up an arranged payment schedule with their accounting department.


There are a few ways to make sure you find a good family dentist. Ask your family members and friends who they go to for their dental work. You will get honest information from people who have already gone through these specific dental offices and procedures.

If you live away from family and friends check out the online website for the dental office and go through the testimonials and reviews from past customers. You will hear honest information from people who have taken the time to let other people know why they should go to this dentist as well as why they shouldn’t.

Yelp reviews are also informative and are honest assessments from people who are happy to share their experiences.

So, how do you know when you find a good family dentist? When you can’t wait for your appointments because each time you feel and look better and you leave with a smile on your face.